“Are you sleeping at all,
or are you just gonna stare at my face?”
you asked, shifting closer to me
with your eyes still closed.
“It’s a beautiful face- I can’t help it”
I responded, kissing your cheek again.
You smiled and pulled me closer,
falling back asleep.
In that moment, I realized how hard I’d been trying
to freeze the morning into eternity.
I wanted so badly for it to last,
to be forever basked in your body heat
while listening to the soft and sometimes weird
sounds of your breathing.
I chuckled through your sleep-talking,
semi-envying that you could possibly sleep
when all I could do was wish it was not our last day,
and wish that I was not falling harder with each
rise and fall of your chest.
But I had you for the morning.
How could I have possibly slept through that?



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