Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

Makeup-Free Dating

I’ve now gone on two dates

without anything on my face.

Yes, there was jewelry hanging off my ears

clinging to my neck

comforting me

reassuring me of my appeal

But as I’d stared into the mirror

an hour before the dates

and imagined what he was doing

I knew he wasn’t doing the same-

searching for something to put on his face

to make him more beautiful

so why did I have to do it?

Did I have to do it?

So out I went

against social norms

my afro covered in a beautiful scarf,

my face bare, nose shiny

reminding myself every 5 minutes

that I am enough

Exactly the way I looked

I am enough.

And that was the most riotous protest

I ever could have imagined

all in my own head;

setting fire to the voices

running away from the beauthorities

screaming back at the lies of perfection.

My raging protest

all in my own head

against the voices that denied

I am enough.



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