Accept and Adapt

I’ve gotten to the point where bikini waxes don’t hurt anymore.

My only discomfort now is the stranger’s access

to my body.

It’s like my nerve endings finally accepted

that they work for a woman’s body.

And there are some things that must just be accepted,

no matter how painful

or irrational.

I think my spirit was supposed to adapt in the same way.

I’m reminded of it almost daily

“these feminists”


“why make yourself upset with this SJW stuff?”

as if I want to focus on the world’s bullshit

that seems to seek me out,

no matter how hard I try to hide.

But when the messages seek in after months of fighting

and I eventually concede

I pay someone

employed by a male founder

to seek what my body naturally grows

and rip it out from its roots

hoping that my body will eventually stop growing

what only men are allowed to have.



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