Of Goodness and God

I made this mistake with the first boy I loved.

Thinking that someone is good

because they’re good to you

But after witnessing his disregard

and disrespect

for those whose bodies

and affection he did not need

in order to function

I had to be honest with myself

and accept

that I wasn’t in love with a good person.


My parents have been making this mistake for years.

with God.


Praising Him for all he’s done for them

for getting them out of the poverty in Congo

and the first 10 years of it here.

Ignoring the others left behind

who pray to Him just as much as they do

yet sit with no lights

no water

no money

roofs that cave in during the rain


But we sit in a restaurant

in Geneva

sipping on our wine

enjoying our last night before we fly back

and declare:

“God is good”



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