Hello 👋🏾

I’m a Congo-born singer-songwriter-producer living in South Africa. Everything that my music career is now, began as a little girl writing poems. I tend to get swept up into the music side of things, and this blog is for me to retreat and write from the heart.

I always kept a diary. I remember coming home and writing about the day spent with girls who were girlier than I, and boys who barely noticed me. I was the smart kid, the overachiever, but I was never, ever cool. At least, not in my mind. So I wrote, and it was my favourite part of the day.

I now barely write about the day, per se. But I keep track of my life experiences through my poetry. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the different snippets of my life, the different feelings I’ve felt. I hope you enjoy discovering the essence of who I am.

Much love,